update 10/26/2015 v1.2.1 Block reward is now halved from 17.01 to 8.505 at block 268840 which will occur around 11/26/2015.

update 10/26/2015 v1.2.1 Block Reward is now halved every 2 years the first halving occurs at block 467200 to yield a reward of 4.2525.

Algorithm : Scrypt
Coins per block :17.01
Max coins : 100000000
Block time : 2.25 minutes
Difficulty retarget : DarkGravityWave v3
New mint maturity : 90 confirms
Ports : RPC-17011 P2P - 17012

Windows wallet app: ( updated 10/26/2015 v1.2.1)
Quatloo windows wallet

Code Source: ( updated 10/26/2015 v1.2.1))
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